Mission Statement:
We assist in the celebration of the Mass and other religious
functions with the following services:
  • Welcome Mass attendees prior to the start of the service
  • Assist attendees in being seated
  • Select attendees to take the Bread and Wine to the altar
    prior to the consecration
  • Take a count of attendees at the weekend Masses
  • Pick up the collection(s) and put them in the Church safe
  • Guide the attendees during the reception of the Body and
    Blood of Christ
  • Distribute the Bulletins after the Mass in completed
  • Remove trash and other items left in the pews
Coordinator:  Tom Kiolbassa (922-7525)
Captain - 5:00 p.m. Mass:  Bobby Hajek (923-6635)
Captain - 10:00 a.m. Mass: Aurelio Tejeda (923-1459)
Captain - 12:00 p.m. Mass:  Joe Montanez (533-3085)
Other Information:
  • No formal meetings are held.
  • Information is exchanged between the coordinator and
    captains by telephone, by instruction sheets, or in person
    before Masses.
  • Information pertinent to the operation of the ushers is
    obtained during the Liturgy and Worship Commission
  • Prior to the weekend Masses inquiries are made at the
    Church Office to see if special functions need to be
  • Membership is open to all in the St. Leo's church community.