Disciples of the Holy Spirit
Prayer Group (English) /
Grupo para la oración (inglés)
  • To stir into flame the grace of Pentecost
    within and beyond the Church
  • To broaden and deepen the
    understanding that baptism in the Holy
    Spirit is the Christian inheritance of all
  • To strengthen the Catholic Charismatic
Leader / Coordinator:  Manuela Sielski (924-3368)
Secretary:  Lupe Sielski  (924-8470)
Treaserer:  Evangeline Pena  (922-3739)
Other Information:
  • We meet on Thursdays from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Community Center, Rooms 2 & 3
  • We evangelize through praise, prayer and faith sharing.
  • We pray in unity for one another and for others and individually for whomever wants
    prayer for healing or other needs.
  • We try to have a Life in the Spirit Seminar at least once a year.